2015 ASROC Annual Meeting
National Ilan University, I-Lan

Welcome to ASROC 2015 Annual Meeting

The 2015 Scientific Assembly of the Astronomical Society of the Republic of China (ASROC2015) will be held at National Ilan University on May 22 (Friday) – 24 (Sunday), 2015. This is the annual event for all astronomers and astrophysicists in Taiwan to present their most recent discoveries and observations, to report their latest research results and to exchange ideas, also to organize collaborations when desirable. Oral presentations and conference posters in all areas of astronomy and astrophysics are solicited. ASROC2015 is also an excellent venue for students, in particular graduate students, to present their research findings or progress from their thesis studies.

The meeting will include plenary talks, scientific and educational sessions, poster presentation, and a business meeting. The featured plenary speakers are 1) Dr. Timo Prusti from European Space Agency. 2) Dr. Joel Parker of Southwest Research Institute. Dr. Prusti is the project scientist of the GAIA mission and also the chair of the GAIA Science Team. He will give a plenary talk on “Gaia Mission and Status”. Dr. Parker is the director of the Planetary Science Directorate of Southwest Research Institute, will talk about "The Rosetta Mission - Past, Present, and Future". The scientific program, including oral talks and poster presentations, is now available at the meeting website:


In the Assembly, the Society will also present the 2nd Heaven Quest Award to Academician Dr. Typhoon Lee for his distinguished contribution to astronomical research, and the 2nd Heaven Talk Award to Director Wei-Hsin Sun of National Museum of Natural Science for his outstanding contribution to astronomy education and popularization of astronomy. In addition to the scientific agenda, the afternoon of May 23 (Sat) is reserved for group discussions or group excursions at choice; a conference banquet will be held later in the evening and all meeting participants are welcome to attend. Exhibitions of astronomical books and telescopes are also planned during the meeting.

The online registration of ASROC2015 is now closed; those who missed the online registration can still register on-site. A registration fee of NT$1000 (NT$800 for students) should be paid on site. For more detailed information and update, please visit the ASROC2015 website at


For e-mail contact: service@asroc.org.tw.


  • 2015/05/08 2nd circular announcement. Download [pdf file]
  • 2015/02/17 2nd circular announcement. Download [pdf file]
  • 2014/12/31 1st circular announcement. Download [pdf file]

Program Committee

  • Chang, Kuei-Lan (TAM)
  • Chao, Han-Chieh (NIU; Co-Chair)
  • Chin, Yi-Nan (TKU)
  • Chu, You-Hua (ASIAA; Co-Chair)
  • Hsu, Rue-Ron (NCKU)
  • Kinoshita, Daisuke (NCU)
  • Kuan, Yi-Jehng (NTNU)
  • Lai, Shih-Ping (NTHU)
  • Wu, Jiun Huei (NTU)


  • Chen, Wei-Ming (NIU: Co-Chair)
  • Chu, Dai-Yung (NIU)
  • Huang, Chao-Hsi (NIU)
  • Huang, Gie-Wu (NIU)
  • Gu, Tien-Hsin (NIU)
  • Wang, Shiang-Yu (ASIAA; Co-Chair)
  • Wei, Emily (ASIAA)