2020 ASROC Annual Meeting
ASIAA Auditorium


Design of a newly opened course "Astroinformatics" at National Central University

[ Oral ]

Daisuke Kinoshita (NCU)

Nowadays, computer programming is getting more and more important for astronomical research. We now have a flood of data, and we cannot analyse the data without making a computer program for our own purpose. Ability to write a computer program accelerates our research activities for observational data analysis, processing of archived catalogues, and model calculations. In March 2020, a new course named "Astroinformatics" was opened at National Central University. This course focuses on programming skills necessary for master course students for their research work. Students bring their own computers to the classroom, and tackle to a series of exercises. The official programming language of the course is Python. At the beginning of the semester, I started from basic topics, such as basic grammar of Python, doing simple calculations, making various plots, doing database queries, and carrying out least-squares method. Then, I arranged astronomical topics, such as period search techniques, blackbody radiation, planetary motions, making a HR diagram using Gaia data, at the second half of the semester. I report the design of the course and some feedbacks from students.