Oral presentations are all 15 minutes each, including Q&A, except for O04* and O19*, which are 30 minutes each.  
O01 Progress Report of PS1TW W. P. Chen NCU
O02 State of MIOSOTYS Project I Chun Shih NTHU
O03 Current Status of Visible 4-Color Simultaneous Imager Development Kinoshita Daisuke NCU
O04* The Next Generation CFHT Alan McConnachie  HIA
O05 The ALMA Project; Status, Progress, and the First Call for the Proposal Shigehisa Takakuwa ASIAA
O06 The Onset of Silicate Crystallization in the Early Stage of Star Formation Sean Chapman ASIAA/UM
O07 Planetesimal Formation around the Young Abruptive Variable GM Cephei Chia-Ling Hu NCU
O08 Searching for Young Stellar Objects with Multi-wavelength Observations toward Ophiuchus Molecular Cloud Chi-Hung Yan ASIAA/NTNU
O09 VLA1623: a Non-coeval Triple System with a First Core Candidate Nadia M. Murillo NTHU
O10 Extended Infrared Emission Associated with Protostars: Views from Spitzer IRAC Hiro Takami ASIAA
O11 Quadrupolar Outflow of NGC 1333 IRAS 2A Arthur Tsai NTHU
O12 Chemical Stratification in the L1448C Region Naomi Hirano ASIAA
O13 Submillimeter Observation of Low-mass Star Forming Region L1157 Wen-Cheng Wu NTU/ASIAA
O14 Outflows and Envelopes around Two Protostellar Sources, NGC-1333 IRAS4a1 and 4a2 ShengFeng Yen ASIAA
O15 Finding Dense Clouds from the 2MASS and GLIMPSE360 Data Cosmos C. Yeh ASIAA/NTHU
O16 Measurement of the Scattering of Helioseismic Waves by a Sunspot Zhi-Chao Liang NTHU
O17 Searching for T Dwarfs in the Rho Oph.  Star-forming Region Poshih Chiang NCU
O18 Discovery of Variable Stars in the Field of the Galactic Open Cluster NGC 7039 Juei-Hwa Hu NCU
O19* The Next-generation Space Infrared Astronomy Mission SPICA Takao Nakagawa JAXA
O20 The UFFO (Ultra Fast Flash Observatory) Pathfinder: Science and Mission Ming-Huey A. Huang NUU/NTU
O21 Observing with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope Albert Kong NTHU
O22 Fundamental planes of Gamma-ray Emission from Globular Clusters  P.H. Thomas Tam NTHU
O23 Chandra and HST studies of the X-ray Sources in Galactic Globular Clusters Ting-Ni Lu NTHU
O24 Feasibility of Determining X-ray Emitting Region Size in Scorpius X-1 with TNO Occultations Kuan-Ting Chen NTHU
O25 Why do Gamma-ray Pulsars Show Hard Spectra in the Second Peaks of Their Light Curves? Kouichi Hirotani ASIAA/TIARA
O26 The Significance of Molecular Superbubbles and Outflows on Starburst Galaxies  An-Li Tsai NTNU/ASIAA
O27 The Star Formation Activity in the Shapley Supercluster Pei-Li Ho NTNU/CWB
O28 Merger Rate Evolution from UKIDSS-UDS  Pin-wei Wang NTNU
O29 The Taiwan Extragalactic Astronomical Data Center Sebastien Foucaud NTNU
ASIAA=Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophyscis
HIA=NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
JAXA=Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
NCU=National Central University
NTHU=National Tsing Hua University
NTNU=National Taiwan Normal University
NTU=National Taiwan University
NUU=National United University
UM=University of Manchester