P01 Variable Stars & Period Search Methods D.C. Chang NCU
P02 Searching for Supernova Events in Circumnuclear Starburst Region around AGN I-Chenn Chen NCU
P03 Observations of Jovian Trojans from the Pan-STARRS Project Shao-Hsuan Chen NCU
P04 Evaluating Performance of the CCD Camera with a Hand-made Integrating Sphere Tse-Chuan Chen NCU
P05 The Binary Program with Speckle Interferometry of NTNU Hsien-Lung Cheng NTNU
P06 Photometric Study and Time-Series Analysis of the Open Cluster NGC 1513 Ping-Han Cheng NCU
P07 Dynamical Evolution of the Hilda and Quasi-Hilda Asteroids Yu-Chi Cheng NCU
P08 Overview of the Nuclear Compton Telescope (NCT) Jeng-Lun Chiu NTHU
P09 Optical Identification of un-ID Fermi GeV sources Chia-Jung Chuang NCU
P10 The Return of Comet Hartley 2 Yo-Ling Chuang NTNU
P11 The CCD BV Photometry of Variable Stars in the Globular Cluster M5 Hsieh-Hai Fu NTNU
P12 Numerical Experiments for the Binary-Single TNO Scattering Process Sie Zong Fu NCU
P13 Numerical Simulation of the Phase-transition-induced Collapse of Neutron Stars Using 2DGR Code YU Hoi Fung HKU
P14 Pan-STARRS Data Server and Tenagra Follow-up Observation Jhen-Kuei Guo NCU
P15 A correlation Study of High-redshift Galaxies Kuan-chou Hou NTNU
P16 Mapping and Photometry of the Planetary Nebula M 1-11 in the Visual and Infrared Chih-Hao Hsia HKU
P17 Outflow Observations Toward Extremely Young YSOs Tien-Hao Hsieh NTHU
P18 Charge Exchange and Collisional Interaction of the Saturnian Corating Plasma with Enceladus Gas Plumes Jen-Kai Hsu NCU
P19 SiO observations of an MYSO candidate G2.54+0.20 Yu-Sen Hsu NTNU
P20 Photometric and Astrometric Characterization of Galactic Open Clusters by the Pan-STARRS 1 Dataset Chung-Kai Huang NCU
P21 Infrared H2 Survey of the Star Forming Complex M17 J. Y. Huang NCU
P22 Photometric Study of Morphologically Identified Merging Galaxies Jen-Chao Huang NCU
P23 Physical Characteristics of the River Valleys of the Hellas Basin on Mars Li-Ching Huang NCU
P24 Searching For The First "Radio-Quiet" Gamma-ray Emitting Millisecond Pulsar Regina Huang NTHU
P25 Outreach Education for Primary School Level Astronomy Using Digital Planetarium in Taipei Astronomical Museum Jim Ching-Chuan Hung TAM
P26 Optical and X-ray Observations of the Nova KT Eridani  Li-Wen Hung NCU
P27 Moving Needles in a Haystack --- Finding Asteroids in Pan-STARRS Images Ruo-Lan Jin TFG
P28 Spectroscopic Observations of Low Luminosity YSOs Jennifer Karr ASIAA
P29 Optical Monitoring of Lensed Quasars Ekaterina Koptelova NTU
P30 Mock Galaxy Catalogs for Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey Ting-Wen Lan ASIAA
P31 Dust Around Be Studied by Submillimeter Observation Chien-De Lee NCU
P32 Formation of an Extended Halo of Hot Oxygen Atoms in the Wake Region of Venus Ying Liao NCU
P33 The Mass Function and Origins of Intermediate-mass Black Holes in the Local Universe Chun-Cheng Lin NTNU
P34 Probing the Starburst/AGN Contribution of X-ray 70$\mu$m  Selected Galaxies in the COSMOS field Ming-Yi Lin NTNU
P35 Blue Merging Galaxies Yi-Fan Lin NCU
P36 Identification of Extremely Red Galaxies Wei Fang Liu NCU
P37 UV-Luminosity function at z=1-3 with the UKIDSS-UDS survey Ching-Min Lo NTNU
P38 An Ultrasoft X-ray Emission from Galaxy GSN69: Candidate of X-ray Outburst due to Stellar Capture LI Kwan Lok HKU
P39 Statistical Tests for the Metallicity Dependency of the Theoretical Cepheid Period-Luminosity Relations in IRAC Bands Chow-Choong Ngeow NCU
P40 Searching for Variable Stars in the Selected TAOS Fields and Optical Follow-up Observations Sherry Kang-Shian Pan NCU
P41 Long-Period Comet C/2007 W1 and Jupiter-Family Comet 73P  Wei-Hsiang Pan NTNU
P42 Dispersal and Core Formation of Stellar Clusters in Different Virial Ratio Chih-Han Peng NCU
P43 Global near Infrared Colour Distribution from 2MASS Ting-Hung Peng NCU
P44 Development of Control Software for 4-color Simultaneous Imager  Shen Pei-Hsien NCU
P45 Near Infrared Polarimetric Imaging of Carina Nebula Bo He Su NCU
P46 Constraint on the Spin of the Black Hole in GX 339-4 from X-ray Continuum Yi-Hao Su NCU
P47 Validation of the Very Low Luminosity Object Candidates in Taurus Ren-Shiang Sung NTHU
P48 Multicolor Photometry of Small Solar System Bodies by Subaru Telescope Chih-Yang Tai NCU
P49 A Detailed Analysis of Spitzer IRAC Emission in High Mass Star Forming Regions Hiro Takami ASIAA
P50 Planet Destruction Rate of Occurrence and Observability Stuart Taylor NTHU
P51 Constraining MOND by Gravitational Redshift Experiment in Matter Wave Interference Yong Tian NCU
P52 Star Formation Law in Circumnuclear Region of Galaxies  Mengchun Tsai NCU
P53 Orphan GRB Search in Subaru Deep Field Patrick P. Tsai NCU
P54 Energetic Particle Injection Events in the Saturnian Magnetosphere Chia-Yu Tzou NCU
P55 Observational Constraints on the Physical Conditions that Determine the Evolution of Circumstellar Disk Jia-Wei Wang NTHU
P56 Detection of Star Clusters in a Sky Survey --- Is the Fainter the Better? Ping-Fang Wang NCU
P57 Spectral Imaging towards Class I Young Stellar Objects IRS 44 and 46 Wen-Wei Wang NTU
P58 Current Development Status of y-band Camera for 2m telescope Instrument Ching-Huang Wu NCU
P59 The Astronomical Refraction of the Setting Sun Yu-Lun Wu NTNU
P60 Dynamics of Charged Nano-dust and Pickup Ions from Sun-grazing Comets Tai-Hao Yan NCU
P61 Molecular Gas of HBLR and Non-HBLR Seyfert 2 Galaxies Po-Chieh Yu NCU
P62 A Study on Late Time Evolution of Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows Clark Chiu NTU/ASIAA
ASIAA=Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophyscis
HKU=University of Hong Kong
NCU=National Central University
NTHU=National Tsing Hua University
NTNU=National Taiwan Normal University
NTU=National Taiwan University
TAM=Taipei Astronomical Museum
TFG=Taipei First Girls High School