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- 口頭論文目錄 List of Oral Presentation (please click Here)

- 口壁報論文目錄 List of Poster Presentation (please click Here)

論文摘要上傳已經截止 目前只接受壁報論文

欲繳交論文摘要者請直接寄至年會議程委員會主席(hkchang at phys.nthu.edu.tw) 謝謝!

The deadline of abstract uploading has passed, late abstracts can be considered only as poster presentations and should be sent directly to the chair of the program committee (hkchang at phys.nthu.edu.tw). Thank you!

請特別注意摘要格式符合以下事項: Please read the instruction below for your abstract file:

1.請將論文題目、作者、任職單位與摘要內容以純文字格式另存成一個檔案。 (下載參考範本)

Please create a file in PLAIN TEXT FORMAT including the title, authers, affiliations and abstract. (See TEMPLATE)


We will not accept the abstract which has the content larger than 200 english words.

3.特殊符號請使用 tex 語法。

Please use Tex language for the symbols.


Please add a star sign to the presenting auther.

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