2019 ASROC Annual Meeting
National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung
May 17~19


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Speakers are not allowed to use your own computer for presentation. All presenters are required to transfer your presentation files to the computer in the conference room before the session start.
Day 1 (May 17, Friday)
Venue: NMNS
  12:00 13:30 Registration
  13:30 13:45 Opening remarks

Welcome remark by
Deputy Mayor Bruce Linghu (Taichung City) and
Director Wei-Hsin Sun (NMNS)
You-Hua Chu
The 4th Auditorium
  13:45 15:25 Scientific oral session S1


Yi-Nan Chin
The 4th Auditorium
S1.1 13:45 14:00 DESI: next-generation wide field spectroscopy in the Milky Way and beyond
Andrew Cooper (National Tsing Hua University)
Andrew Cooper NTHU
S1.2 14:00 14:15 Gravitational Wave Research Activities in Taiwan
Albert Kong (National Tsing Hua University), on behalf of a large collaboration
Albert Kong NTHU
S1.3 14:15 14:30 The JCMT BISTRO Survey: Variation of magnetic field and grain alignment properties within the Ophiuchus Molecular Cloud
Kate Pattle (NTHU); Shih-Ping Lai (NTHU); Jia-Wei Wang (NTHU)
Kate Pattle NTHU
S1.4 14:30 14:45 Dusty properties of IR galaxies observed by HSC deep optical survey towards the North Ecliptic Pole (NEP) field.
Seong Jin KIM, Tomotsugu GOTO, Nagisa OI, Hiroyuki IKEDA, Hideo MATSUHARA, and NEP collaboration.
Seong-Jin KIM NTHU
S1.5 14:45 14:55 Deep Optical Imaging by Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam of the AKARI North Ecliptic Pole Field: Catalog Construction and Analysis of Source Properties of Infrared Galaxies
Chien-Chang Ho(Institute of Astronomy, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu city, Taiwan), Tomotsugu Goto(Institute of Astronomy, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu city, Taiwan), Nagisa Oi(Faculty of Science Division II, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, Japan), Seong Jin Kim(Institute of Astronomy, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu city, Taiwan), Tetsuya Hashimoto(Institute of Astronomy, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu city, Taiwan), Ting-Wen Wang(Institute of Astronomy, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu city, Taiwan)
Chien-Chang Ho NTHU
S1.6 14:55 15:05 SCUBA-2 Ultra Deep Imaging EAO Survey (STUDIES): Multi-wavelength properties and luminosity function of 450-μm-selected galaxies
Chen-Fatt Lim(ASIAA/NTU); Wei-Hao Wang(ASIAA)
Chen Fatt Lim ASIAA
S1.7 15:05 15:15 mm/submm Flux Survey towards nearby Low-Luminosity AGNs
Wen-Ping Lo (ASIAA), Keiichi Asada (ASIAA), Satoki Matsushita (ASIAA), Masanori Nakamura (ASIAA), 
Geoffrey Bower (ASIAA), Hung-Yi Pu (PI), Shoko Koyama (ASIAA), Kevin Jun-Yi Koay (ASIAA), Makoto Inoue (ASIAA)
Wen-Ping Lo NTU
S1.8 15:15 15:25 Artificial Intelligence for AGN Selection
Bo Han Chen(Physics Department, NTHU); Tomotsugu Goto(Institute of Astronomy, NTHU); Seong Jin Kim(Institute of Astronomy, NTHU)
Bo Han Chen NTHU
  15:25 16:00 Coffee break and poster session P1
  16:00 17:00 Plenary talk (I)
From Arecibo to FAST: The Kinship between Impossible Dreams
Di Li
Yi-Jehng Kuan
The 4th Auditorium
  17:00 18:50 Scientific oral session S2

Solar System / Feedbacks / Star Formation

Chow-Choong Ngeow
The 4th Auditorium
S2.1 17:00 17:10 (Sub)millimeter Molecular Observations of the Ceres Icy World
Yo-Ling Chuang(Earth Sciences, NTNU), Yi-Jehng Kuan(Earth Sciences, NTNU), Steven B. Charnley(Goddard Center for Astrobiology, NASA/GSFC), Ming-Chi Chung(Earth Sciences, NTNU), Yu-Fu Yeh(Earth Sciences, NTNU), Wei-Ling Tseng(Earth Sciences, NTNU)
Yo-Ling Chuang NTNU
S2.2 17:10 17:20 Long-term Hydrodynamic Simulations on the Planetesimals in MMRs
He-Feng Hsieh (NTHU); Ing-Guey Jiang(NTHU)
He-Feng Hsieh NTHU
S2.3 17:20 17:30 Early Impacts of the First Stars
Chao, Tzu-Hsiang(Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan/ Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan); Sung-Han Tsai(Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan; Department of Physics, National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan);Ke-Jung Chen(Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan)
Tzu-Hsiang Chao ASIAA
S2.4 17:30 17:40 Pop III Supernova Feedback On The Formation Of The First Galaxies
Li-Hsin Chen (ASIAA/NTU), Ke-Jung Chen (ASIAA), Sung-Han Tsai (ASIAA/NCU)
Li-Hsin Chen ASIAA
S2.5 17:40 17:50 AGN and TDE feedback in galaxy evolution
Bing-Chiao He (NTU and ASIAA); Ke-Jun Chen(ASIAA)
Bing-Chiao He NTU
S2.6 17:50 18:00 Cosmic reionization history from the Gunn-Peterson troughs of 64 lower luminosity quasars
Ting-Yi Lu (NTHU), Tomotsugu Goto (NTHU)
Ting-Yi Lu NTHU
S2.7 18:00 18:10 Stellar Evolution of Pop III and EMP Binaries
Sung Han, Tsai (NCU/ASIAA); Ke Jung, Chen ;Yi, Chou (NCU)
Sung Han Tsai NCU
S2.8 18:10 18:25 Chemical and Kinetic Feedback of Pop III Supernovae
Ken Chen (ASIAA)
Ke-Jung Chen ASIAA
S2.9 18:25 18:40 A young galaxy cluster in the old universe
Tetsuya Hashimoto; Tomotsugu Goto (NTHU); Rieko Momose (Univ. of Tokyo); Chien-Chang Ho (NTHU); Ryu Makiya (Kavli IPMU); Chia-ying Chiang; Seong Jin Kim (NTHU)
Tetsuya Hashimoto NTHU
S2.10 18:40 18:50 Evolution of the magnetic field strength within the IC5146 filamentary cloud
Jia-Wei Wang (National Tsing Hua University), Shih-Ping Lai (National Tsing Hua University), and the BISTRO Consortium
Jia-Wei Wang NTHU
  18:50 20:30 Welcome reception and poster session P2
  19:30 20:30 Discussion on National Observatory
Day 2 (May 18, Saturday)
Venue: NMNS
  08:30 10:30 Scientific oral session S3


Chorng-Yuan Hwang
The 4th Auditorium
S3.1 08:30 08:40 An extinction-free AGN census by 23 space-based infrared band SED fitting
Ting-Wen Wang(NTHU); Tomotsugu Goto(NTHU), Seong Jin Kim(NTHU), Tetsuya Hashimoto(NTHU), Chien-Chang Ho(NTHU)
Ting-Wen Wang NTHU
S3.2 08:40 08:50 A study on ultraluminous X-ray sources under the influence of their host interacting galaxies
Hui-Hsuan Chung (National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan); Albert K. H. Kong (National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan)
Hui-Hsuan Chung NTHU
S3.3 08:50 09:05 Peculiar outbursts of an ultra luminous source likely signs of an aperiodic disc-wind
Holger Stiele (NTHU), Albert Kong (NTHU)
Holger Stiele NTHU
S3.4 09:05 09:15 Modeling the evolution of PAH abundance in galaxies
Shiau-Jie Rau (Department of Physics, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu 30043, Taiwan); Hiroyuki Hirashita (Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica, Astronomy-Mathematics Building, AS/NTU, No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei 10617, Taiwan)
Shiau-Jie Rau NTHU
S3.5 09:15 09:30 Radiation-pressure-driven dust transport to galaxy halos at high redshift
Hiroyuki Hirashita (ASIAA); Akio K. Inoue (Waseda University, Japan)
Hiroyuki Hirashita ASIAA
S3.6 09:30 09:45 Spatial Evolution of Star formation Triggered by Galaxy Interactions
Hsi-An Pan (ASIAA); Lihwai Lin (ASIAA); Bau-Ching Hsieh (ASIAA); Jorge K. Barrera-Ballesteros (UNAM); Sebastian F. Sanchez (UNAM); Y. Sophia Dai (NAOC); Maria Argudo-Fernandez (CITEVA); Mederic Boquien (CITEVA); Ryan Keenan (ASIAA); Johan H. Knapen (Instituto de Astrofsica de Canarias); Cheng Li (Tsinghua University); Patricia B. Tissera (Universidad Andres Bello); Rogerio Riffel (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul); Ting Xiao (Zhejiang University); Fang-Ting Yuan (SHAO)
Hsi-An Pan ASIAA
S3.7 09:45 09:55 GRMHD Simulation of Binary Neutron Star Merger and the Mixing of Kilonova Ejecta
Chia-Hui Lin(Department of Physics, National Taiwan University);Ke-Jung Chen(Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica);Meng-Ru Wu(Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica);Kuo-Chuan Pan(Institute of Astronomy, National Tsing Hua University)
Chia-Hui Lin NTU
S3.8 09:55 10:05 Discovery of Tidal Tails in Disrupting Open Clusters: Coma Berenices and a Neighbor Stellar Group
Shih-YunTang (Department of Physics, NCU); XiaoyingPang (Science and Education Innovation District, XJTLU; Shanghai Institute of Technology; Shanghai Key Laboratory for Astrophysics, Shanghai Normal University); ZhenYuan (Key Laboratory for Research in Galaxies and Cosmology, SHAO);W.P.Chen (IANCU, Department of Physics, NCU);JongsukHong (Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University); BertrandGoldman (MPIA; Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg, Universit ́e de Strasbourg); AndreasJust (ARI, Universit ̈at Heidelberg); BekdauletShukirgaliyev (ARI, Universit ̈at Heidelberg; Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute, Observatory; Faculty of Physics and Technology, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University); Chien-ChengLin (MPIA; Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii)
ShihYun Tang NCU
S3.9 10:05 10:15 High Frequency Radio Emission of Magnetars
C.-Y. Chu (National Tsing Hua University); C.-Y. Ng (University of Hong Kong); Albert K. H. Kong (National Tsing Hua University); H.-K. Chang (National Tsing Hua University)
Che-Yen Chu NTHU
S3.10 10:15 10:30 Multimessenger signals from core-collapse supernovae
Kuo-Chuan Pan (National Tsing Hua University)
Kuo-Chuan Pan NTHU
  10:30 11:00 Coffee break, group photo and poster session P3
  11:00 12:00 Plenary talk (II)
Hayabusa2 and JAXA’s small body exploration program
Masaki Fujimoto
Wei-Ling Tseng
The 4th Auditorium
  12:00 12:30 小行星發佈典禮


Chorng-Yuan Hwang
The 4th Auditorium
  12:00 12:05 周景揚校長致詞
  12:05 12:10 小行星發佈
  12:10 12:25 孫維新館長致詞
  12:25 12:30 合影
  12:30 14:00 Banquet
  14:00 18:30 Group discussions
Day 3 (May 19, Sunday)
Venue: NMNS
  08:30 09:00 Newsflash
Event Horizon Telescope Imaging of the Black Hole Shadow in M87
Jun Yi (Kevin) Koay
You-Hua Chu
The 4th Auditorium
  09:00 09:30 Plenary talk (III)
Creativity is Everywhere – Combining Research, Education, and Promotion for Novel Styles of Learning
Wei-Hsin Sun
You-Hua Chu
The 4th Auditorium
  09:30 10:50 ASROC Awards Presentation Ceremony


You-Hua Chu
The 4th Auditorium
  09:30 09:35 Presentation of the 6th Heaven Talk Award
  09:35 09:45 Heaven Talk Award acceptance speech
Director Wei-Hsin Sun (NMNS)
  09:45 10:50 General Assembly, best poster awards & presentations
  10:50 11:20 Coffee break and poster session P4
  11:20 13:20
Scientific oral session S4

Star/Star Formation

Chair: 呂聖元
Sheng-Yuan Liu
Education & Public Outreach session E1


Chair: 周美吟
Mei-Yin Chou

11:20 11:35 On the Connection between Spin Period Evolution and Superorbital Period Excursion of SMC X-1
Chin-Ping Hu (Kyoto University, JSPS International Research Fellow); Tatehiro Mihara (RIKEN); Mutsumi Sugizaki (Tokyo Institute of Technology); Teruaki Enoto (Kyoto University); Yoshihiro Ueda (Kyoto University)
Chin-Ping Hu 京都大學 Kyoto University

11:20 11:35 月閃光觀測實務與推廣
李瑾 (臺北市立天文科學教育館)
Jim Lee TAM

11:35 11:45 Searching for Young Stellar Objects through SEDs by Convolutional Neural Networks
Yi-Lung Chiu (Institute of Astronomy, NTHU); Chi-Ting Ho (Physics Department, NTHU); Daw-Wei Wang (Physics Department, NTHU);Shih-Ping Lai (Institute of Astronomy, NTHU)
Yi-Lung Chiu NTHU

11:35 11:50 如何把隔壁場的研究拿到天文教育再利用?
蘇羿豪 (Astrohackers in Taiwan、卡米爾);陳正忠(Astrohackers in Taiwan、鴻海)
Yi-Hao Su 卡米爾

11:45 11:55 ALMA Observations toward the S-shaped Outflow and the Envelope around NGC1333 IRAS4A2
Chuang, Chen-Yu (NTU, ASIAA); Aso, Yusuke (ASIAA); Hirano, Naomi (ASIAA)
Chen-Yu Chuang ASIAA

11:50 12:05 從高中天文臺立場談執行光譜實作課程的經驗與思維
Chiahui Wang 臺中一中

11:55 12:05 Resolving linear polarization due to emission and extinction of aligned dust grains on NGC1333 IRAS4A with JVLA and ALMA
Chia-Lin Ko (NTHU); Hauyu Baobab Liu (ASIAA); Shih-Ping Lai (NTHU); Tao-Chung Ching (NAOC); Ramprasad Rao (ASIAA); Josep Miquel Girart (CSIC-IEEC)
Chia-Lin Ko NTHU

12:05 12:15 Discovery of a Compact Jet in NGC 2023 MM1
Li-Wen Liao (NTHU); Huei-Ru Vivien Chen (NTHU); F. A. Olguin (NTHU); Chin-Fei Lee (ASIAA)
Li-Wen Liao NTHU

12:15 12:25 Chemical modeling of a starless core: L1512
Sheng-Jun Lin (NTHU, Taiwan); Shih-Ping Lai (NTHU, Taiwan); Laurent Pagani (Observatoire de Paris, France)
Sheng-Jun Lin NTHU

12:25 12:35 Is There a Critical Metallicity of Mass Loss in Massive Star Evolution?
Po-Sheng Ou (ASIAA/NTU); Ke-Jung Chen (ASIAA)
Po-Sheng Ou NTU

12:35 12:50 The physical and chemical properties of continuum sources in Orion KL
Fang-Chun Liu (Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University); Yi-Jehng Kuan(Earth Sciences, NTNU); Ya-Wen Yo(Earth Sciences, NTNU); Yo-Ling Chuang(Earth Sciences, NTNU)
Fang-Chun Liu NTNU

12:50 13:05 Outflows from youngest protostars in Barnard 1
Naomi HIRANO (ASIAA); Shigehisa TAKAKUWA (Kagoshima Univ.); Kengo TOMIDA (Osaka Univ.); Kazuya SAIGO (NAOJ); Masahiro MACHIDA (Kyushu Univ.); Koji TOMISAKA (NAOJ); Masaaki HIRAMATSU (NAOJ); Tien-Hao Hsieh (ASIAA); Nadia Murillo (Leiden Observatory)
Naomi Hirano ASIAA

13:05 13:20 Linking observations and simulations of the magnetic field and gas kinematics from 6000 au to 20 au scales around the protostar B335
Hsi-Wei Yen (ASIAA), Bo Zhao (MPE), I-Ta Hsieh (ASIAA), Patrick Koch (ASIAA), Ruben Krasnopolsky (ASIAA), Chin-Fei Lee (ASIAA), Zhi-Yun Li (University of Virginia), Sheng-Yuan Liu (ASIAA), Nagayoshi Ohashi (NAOJ), Shigehisa Takakuwa (Kagoshima University), Ya-Wen Tang (ASIAA)
Hsi-Wei Yen ASIAA
  13:20 13:25 Best oral award
  13:25 Lunch break / Departure