Agenda (Poster Program)
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No. Author Title Affiliation
P01 Hsin-Chang Chi Theoretical Transition Probabilities and Oscillator Strengths of ZnI and GaII NDHU Physics
P02 Ja-Ren Lin Numerical modeling of iron core formation in slowly accreting planetary embryos Taipei Municipal JinHua Junior High School
P03 I-Ta Hsieh SPARX: Simulation Platform for Astrophysical Radiative Xfer ASIAA
P04 Cemeljic, Miljenko Reconnection in magnetospheric launching of protostellar outflows ASIAA/TIARA
P05 Ying Liao Formation of An Extended Halo of Hot Oxygen Atoms on Mars IANCU
P06 Shinsuke Abe Lightcurve Observation of Asteroid (3200) Phaethon IANCU
P07 Wing-Huen Ip The Exosphere and Solar Wind Interaction of Ceres IoSS NCU
P08 Yo-Ling Chuang The Variation of Rotation Temperature of Methanol in Comet 103P/Hartley 2 NTNU
P09 林建賢 The Optical Observations of Near Earth Asteroids 澳門科技大學太空科學研究所
P10 Ying-Tung Chen The population of Sedna-like objects IANCU
P11 Chin-Wei Chen Color Properties of Brightest Cluster Galaxies with PanSTARRS Medium  Deep Survey Photometry ASIAA
P13 Hsing-Wen Lin PanSTARRS1 KP2: Outer Solar System progress report IANCU
P14 Jhen-Kuei Guo Pan-STARRS Data, Data Server, and Integrated Data Query Tool IANCU
P15 Ping-Fang Wang To Identify the Lowest Mass Members in Praesepe (M44) by the Pan-STARRS NCU
P16 李見修 M31 Eclipising Binaries with Pan-STARRS IANCU
P18 Tatsuhiko Hasegawa Effects of H2 coating of grans on depletion ASIAA
P19 Yun-Hsin Huang Probing the Earlist Stage of Protostellar Evolution--Barnard 1-bN and Barnard 1-bS NTU Physics/ASIAA
P20 楊燿綸, Yao-Lun, Yang Molecular Hydrogen in the diffuse interstellar medium of the Large Magellanic Cloud ASIAA/NTU
P21 Tzu-Ming Kuo Impact of grain size distributions on the dust enrichment in high-redshift quasars NTU Physics/ASIAA
P22 Wen-Wei Wang Single-Dish Observations of the Class I Young Stellar Objects IRS 44 and 46 NTU
P23 李建德 A Multiband Optical Polarimetric Study of Classical Be Stars with Exceptionally Large Near-Infrared Excess IANCU
P24 Ding-Cheng Chang Amplitudes ratio between VI band for pulsating stars and applications NCU Physics
P25 林建爭 Characterization of the embedded open cluster G144.904+0.434 between Cam OB1-A and Cam OB1-B IANCU
P26 蘇柏合 Magnetic Field Structure inferred by Near Infrared Polarization in the Carina Nebula and RCW 57 IANCU
P27 洪子瑜 Probing Extended Green Objects with CH3CN NCTU
P28 Hao-Yuan Duan Statistical Properties of "Extended Green Objects" From Bolocam Galactic Plane Survery IoA NTHU
P29 許立承 Exploring Magnetic Field Structure of Star-Forming Cores at Different Angular Scales NTHU
P30 Ren-Shiang Sung Validation of Very Low Luminosity Object Candidates in Taurus NTHU
P31 Mei-Yin Chou Spectroscopic Variability of Active T Tauri Stars ASIAA
P32 Tien-Hao Hsieh Study the outflows and jets in VeLLOs NTHU
P33 Shiou-Fong Li Probing turbulence power spectrum in molecular clouds NTHU
P34 Arthur Tsai The Wiggling Structure in Quadrupolar Outflow of NGC 1333 IRAS 2A NTHU
P35 Jia-Wei Wang Probing the magnetic field structure in the filamentary cloud IC5146 NTHU
P37 Chan-Kao Chang The Information Of Milky Way From 2MASS Whole Sky Star Counts: The Bimodal Color Distributions IANCU
P38 Andreas Ritter Comparing RAVE data to the Besan\\c con Galactic Model NCU
P39 黃鍾凱 Identification of Open Cluster Members by UCAC2 Proper Motion Catalog IANCU
P40 Chuan-Chin Lai Measuring galaxy environment with spectroscopic and photometric redshifts NTU
P41 蕭赫 Properties of galaxies in groups up to z=3D2 from the UKIDSS-Ultra Deep Survey NTNU
P42 Patrick P. Tsai Unusual Luminous Transient in the Subaru Deep Field IANCU
P43 Albert Kong A High Definition View of Nearby Galaxies with ALMA, Chandra, and HST NTHU
P44 Si-Heng Lei The Correlation between Dust Absorption and UV Spectral Slope of Galaxies from the GOODS-North NTU/ASIAA
P45 Ting-Hung Peng Acceleration parameter of MOND from Sloan Lens ACS survey IANCU
P47 莊佳蓉 Interpretation of gravitational redshift measurement in clustes of galaxies by MOND IANCU
P48 An-Li Tsai The MIR Properties of the Optical Selected Red QSOs IANCU
P49 陳振予 The ellipticity of elliptical galaxies with absolutely magnitude < -20 in different surface density field IANCU
P50 Li, Kwan Lok The X-ray source population in M101 NTHU
P51 Chun-Cheng, Lin Spectral State of ULXs in Different Type of Galaxies IoA NTHU
P52 BingXun Wu First Taiwan Meteor Network - Lulin & NCU Meteor System IANCU
P53 Chow-Choong Ngeow The SED Machine: For PTF Science and Beyond NCU
P54 Alexander Rudy Simulating Images for the SED Machine - A Transient Classification Instrument Fulbright Taiwan,/ NCU
P55 Pak Hin Thomas Tam The Fermi-Asian-Network (FAN) NTHU
P56 Ronny Zhao-Geisler ALMA Cycle 1 Capabilities NTNU
P57 陳寬 The Taiwan Extragalactic Astronomical Data Center NTNU ES
P58 Kinoshita Daisuke Performance of Fully Depleted CCD Imager NCUcam-1 NCU
P59 Regina Huang X-ray studies of the Black Widow Pulsar NTHU
P60 Chin-Ping Hu Superorbital Phase-Resolved Analysis of Spectra and Orbital Profile of SMC X-1 IANCU
P61 Jason Wu Gamma-rays from magnetar NTHU
ASIAA Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics
IANCU Institute of Astronomy, National Central University
IoA NTHU Institute of Astronomy, National Tsing-Hua University
IoSS NCU Institute of Space Science, National Central University
NCTU National Chiao Tung University
NCU National Central University
NDHU National Dong-Hwa University
NTHU National Tsing-Hua University
NTNU National Taiwan Normal University
NTNU ES National Taiwan Normal University, Earth Science Departm
NTU National Taiwan University
TIARA Theoretical Institute for Advanced Research in Astrophysics

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