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The Program
Electronic File of the Program: [PDF]
1. Plenary Invited Speakers:
  • Mrs. Susanne Hüttemeister [ Webpage ]
    (Director of Bochum Planetarium and Dozentin (Lecturer)
    at the Astronomisches Institut, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

    Astronomy Education in Germany -- The Role of Planetaria, Schools, and Amateurs
  • Prof. You-Hua Chu [ Webpage ]
    (Professor in Department of Astronomy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
    Comets Prancing around Dying Stars?
2. Scientific Sessions:
30th May (Friday)
18:20- Check-in/Registration (報到/註冊)
18:30-20:00 Reception (Corridor and Hall in Chi-Sian Building (1F & 2F), NHLUE)
歡迎茶會 (地點:集賢樓一樓走道、廣場及二樓)
31st May (Saturday)
08:00- Check-in/Registration (報到/註冊)
09:00-09:15 Opening Remarks (大會開幕式)
-- President W.P. Chen/陳文屏 理事長
09:15-10:35 Scientific Oral Session I (科學論文宣讀 I)
Chair: Sun-Kun King/主席:金升光
09:15-09:29 [SO-I-01] Jeremy Lim /ASIAA
Feedback in Astrophysics: X-Ray Cooling Flows
09:30-09:41 [SO-I-02] Chorng-Yuan Hwang /Inst. of Astronomy, NCU
Probing Dark Matter Subhalos
09:42-09:53 [SO-I-03] Satoki Matsushita /ASIAA
Where is Obscuring Torus? - 10 pc Resolution Imaging of Molecular Gas around the Seyfert 2 Nucleus of M51
09:54-10:05 [SO-I-04] Pin-Wei Wang /Dept. of Earth Sciences, NTNU
On the Driving Forces of the Star Formation Rate in Galaxy Pairs
10:06:10:20 [SO-I-05] Kinoshita Daisuke /Inst. of Astronomy, NCU
Current Status of 2-m Telescope Construction Project
10:21-10:35 [SO-I-06] Nagayoshi Ohashi /ASIAA
The Latest Status of the ALMA Project
10:35-11:00 Break & Posters (茶敘及海報時間)
11:00-12:00 [Invited-A/大會邀請演講-A]
Prof. Susanne Hüttemeister
Bochum Planetarium & Astronomisches Institut, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany
(Chair: Yi-Nan Chin/主席:秦一男)
Astronomy Education in Germany - The Role of Planetaria, Schools, and Amateurs
12:00-13:30 Lunch & Posters (午餐及海報時間)
13:30-14:30 [Invited-B/大會邀請演講-B]
Prof. You-Hua Chu/朱有花 教授

Department of Astronomy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
(Chair: Chorng-Yuan Hwang/主席:黃崇源)
Comets Prancing around Dying Stars?
14:30-15:45 General Assembly (會員大會)
15:45-15:55 Photo Session (與會來賓大合照)
15:55-16:25 Break & Posters (茶敘及海報時間)
16:25-18:00 Scientific Oral Session II (科學論文宣讀 II)
Chair: Jeremy Lim/主席:Jeremy Lim
16:25-16:36 [SO-II-01] Masaaki Hiramatsu /ASIAA, NTHU
AzTEC/ASTE Wide-Field Imaging Observations toward Chamaeleon Molecular Cloud at 1#1=1.1 mm
16:37-16:48 [SO-II-02] Karr, J.L. /ASIAA
SMA Observations of IRAM 04191+1522
16:49-17:00 [SO-II-03] Vivien Chen /Inst. of Astronomy & Dept. of Physics, NTHU
SMA Observations of Massive Protostar IRAS 20126+4104
17:01-17:12 [SO-II-04] Hsi-Wei Yen /Dept. of Physics, NTU
SMA Observations of the Prototypical Protostar B335
17:13-17:24 [SO-II-05] Motoyama Kazutaka /TIARA, ASIAA
Dynamical Evolution and Thermal Structure of Molecular Clouds Illuminated by Strong UV Radiation Field
17:25-17:36 [SO-II-06] Kuo-Song Wang (王國松) /ASIAA
SMA Observations of Complex Organic Molecules in the Orion KL Hot Molecular Core
17:37-17:48 [SO-II-07] Morata, Oscar /ASIAA, NTNU
Evidence for Transient Clumps and Gas Chemical Evolution in Dense Cores of Molecular Clouds
17:49:18:00 [SO-II-08] Tang, Ya-Wen /Inst. of Physics, NTU & ASIAA
The Magnetic Field Structure in the Massive Star Formation Site G5.89-0.39
1st June (Sunday)
09:00-10:35 Scientific Oral Session III (科學論文宣讀 III)
Chair: Yi-Jehng Kuan/主席:管一政
09:00-09:11 [SO-III-01] Cemeljic, Miljenko /TIARA & ASIAA
Star-disk System in 3D Resistive MHD Simulations
09:12-09:23 [SO-III-02] Chi-Hung Yan /ASIAA & Dept. of Earth Sciences, NTNU
Study of Star Formation Regions Using CFHT / WIRCam
09:24-09:35 [SO-III-03] Dinh Van Trung /ASIAA
Zeeman Doppler Imaging of Magnetic Field on the Surface of Stars
09:36-09:47 [SO-III-04] Ngoc Phan-Bao /ASIAA
Searching for Debris Disks around New Young Brown Dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood
09:48-09:59 [SO-III-05] Zhang, Zhi-Wei /Inst. of Astronomy, NCU
First Results from The Taiwanese-American Occultation Survey
10:00-10:11 [SO-III-06] Lin, Hsing-Wen /Inst. of Astronomy, NCU
A Search for Binary Kuiper Belt Objects in the CFEPS Samples
10:12-10:23 [SO-III-07] L.H. Lyu /Inst. of Space Science, NCU
On the Cause of Latitudinal Solar Differential Rotation and the Nonlinear Evolution of Solar Coronal Hole During the Raising Phase of the Solar Cycle
10:24-10:35 [SO-III-08] Chen, Hsin-Wei /Inst. of Earth Sciences, AS
In Situ Meteoritic Ti Isotopic Measurements by Laser Ablation MC-ICP-MS and the Homogeneity in Refractory Inclusions
10:35-10:50 Break & Posters (茶敘及海報時間)
10:50-11:10 Best Poster Awards with Presentations
11:10-11:57 Scientific Oral Session IV (科學論文宣讀 IV)
Chair: Yi Chou/主席:周翊
11:10-11:21 [SO-IV-01] Kouichi Hirotani /TIARA & ASIAA-NTHU
High Energy Emission from Pulsars: Theory vs. Theory
11:22-11:33 [SO-IV-02] Lan, Shih-Hao (藍仕豪) /Inst. of Astronomy, NTHU
Identifying the X-Ray Sources in Low Core Density Globular Clusters NGC6144 & E3
11:34-11:45 [SO-IV-03] Yang, Yi-Jung /Inst. of Astronomy, NTHU
Probing the Nature of a Very Luminous Globular Cluster X-Ray Source in M31
11:46-11:57 [SO-IV-04] Sergey Bastrukov /Inst. of Astron. & Dept. of Physics, NTHU
Hydromagnetic Oscillations in the Crust of Paramagnetic Neutron Star and QPOs in Giant Flares of Soft Gamma Repeaters
11:57-12:10 Closing Remarks
13:00-17:00 Convention Organized Tour (Mukumugi Eco-Tourism)
大會規劃旅遊 (慕谷慕魚生態之旅)
3. Educational Sessions:
31st May (Saturday)
08:00- 報到/註冊
09:00-09:40 [EO-01] 張家晟/花蓮慈大附中、徐彥哲/花蓮縣自強國中
09:40-10:40 [EO-02] 陳淑芳 (Shu-Fang Chen), 郭美汝 (Mei-Ju Kuo)/台東大學幼教系
(Indigenous Children's Astronomic Ideas and Inquiry Experience in a Cultural-responsive, Inquiry-based Astronomical Teaching Program)
10:40-11:00 茶敘時間
11:00-12:00 [Invited-A] Prof. Susanne Hüttemeister/Susanne Hüttemeister 教授
(Astronomy Education in Germany - The Role of Planetaria, Schools, and Amateurs)
12:00-13:10 午餐及海報時間
13:10-13:50 [EO-03] 王建忍/花蓮縣花崗國中
教案表達的精準性 --- 月相盈虧互動教具
13:50-14:30 [EO-04] 曾麗英/臺北縣三重國中
14:30-15:45 會員大會
15:45-15:55 來賓大合照
15:55- 天文教育議程結束
4. Poster Exhibitions:
[P-001] Dynamical Evolution of Solar Active Regions Liao, Chia-Hsien; Chen, Nai-Hua; Ip, Wing
[P-002] A Study of the Rampart Craters in Chryse Planitia Hsin-Jen Hsu; Harald Hoffmann; Jeng-Jong Jian, Wing-Huen Ip; Daniela Tirsch, Mariam Sowe
[P-003] Neptune Migration Model with One Additional Planet Lun-Wen Yeh, Hsiang-Kuang Chang
[P-004] Lulin Observations of Comet 17P/Holmes Chien-Hsien Lin, Zhong-Yi Lin, Wing-Huen Ip
[P-005] Millisecond Dip Events in the 2007 RXTE/PCA Data of Sco X-1 and the TNO Size Distribution Liu, Chih-Yuan, Chang, Hsiang-Kuang, Liang, Jau-Shian; King, Sun-Kun
[P-006] Searching for Inner Oort Cloud Objects in the TAOS Light Curves J.H. Wang, W.P. Chen and the TAOS Team
[P-007] A Study of the Diffraction Pattern by TNOs of Irregular Shape Kao, Chih-Hao, King, Sun-Kun
[P-008] Spatial Distribution and Seasonal Variations of Cryptic Region on Mars Using Multi-spacecraft Observational Data Jeng-Jong Jian, Wing-Huen Ip, Shin-Reu Sheu
[P-009] Dead or Alive: Observations of Two Comet-like Asteroids Yu-Chi Cheng, Kai-lung Sun, Wing-Huen Ip, Kinoshita Daisuke, Hsing-Wen Lin, Ting-Wan Chen
[P-010] Comets Swallowed by a Dying Star ? - Observations of H$_2$O and NH$_3$ in CW Leo T.I. Hasegawa, S. Kwok, N. Koning, K. Volk
[P-011] Ultracool Dwarfs in the Galactic Plane: Discovery of Twenty L, Late-M Dwarfs in the Solar Neighbourhood Ngoc Phan-Bao; Michael S. Bessell et al.
[P-012] Wide, Very Low Mass Binaries: A Test of the Ejection Models of Brown Dwarf Formation Ngoc Phan-Bao; Eduardo L. Martin; Thierry Forveille
[P-013] Circular Polarization Observations: Detection of Large-Scale Magnetic Fields in Fully-Convective Low-Mass Stars Ngoc Phan-Bao; Jeremy Lim; Jean-Francois Donati; Christopher Johns-Krull; Paul T. P. Ho; Eduardo L. Martin
[P-014] Why are There So Few Low-mass Hot Jupiters? Shih-Hsin Chang, Pin-Gao Gu, Peter Bodenheimer
[P-015] An On-site Coating Facility of Lulin 2m Telescope Wu Ching-Huang, 2m telescope team
[P-016] The Construction Plan for a Rooftop Atomic Hydrogen 21-cm Telescope Neil Lin, Chao-Ling Hung, Ming-Yi Chien, Jow-Tsong Shy, Huei-Ru Chen
[P-017] Core-shielding Effect on Doubly Excited States of the Mg Atom in the MCRRPA Cheng-Liang Lu; Ju-Tang Hsiao; Keh-Ning Huang
[P-018] Transition Energies and Oscillator Strengths in the Zinc I Isoelectronic Sequence of Astrophysical Interest Chi, Hsin-Chang; Chou, Hsiang-Shun
[P-019] Photoelectron Angular Distributions for Photoionization of the Be Atom Hsiao, Ju-Tang; Shiao, Hao-Tse; Huang, Keh-Ning
[P-020] Photoionization of the Be-like Boron Ion from the Ground State Hsiao, Ju-Tang; Lin, Sheng-Fang; Huang, Keh-Ning
[P-021] Near-Infrared Excess of Classical Be Stars C.D. Lee, W.P. Chen
[P-022] Near-Infrared Polarimetric Imaging of the Giant HII Region RCW57 Y.H. Shih, W.P. Chen, W.S. Hsiao, M. Tamura, and C.H. Kao
[P-023] Young Stellar Population in the Lupus Molecular Clouds Ya-Ting Jhang, Wen-Ping Chen, Wen-Shan Hsiao, Fong-Yi Huang and Chien-Hui Kao
[P-024] Modeling the Dust Polarization Emission from Molecular Cores Yu-Chih Wu, Shih-Ping Lai
[P-025] Millimeter- and Submillimeter-Wave Observations of the Barnard 1-bN and Barnard 1-bS Fang-Chun Liu (劉芳君); Naomi Hirano (平野尚美); Shih-Ping Lai (賴詩萍); Tomofumi Umemoto (梅本智文)
[P-026] Study of the Spatial Distribution of the Complex Organic Molecules in Orion KL Yu-Sen Hsu (許育森); Yi-Jehng Kuan (管一政); Kuo-Song Wang (王國松); Wei-Hsiang Pan (潘韋翔); Yen-Jung Shih (施言融)
[P-027] Analyzing the Density Structure of Starless Cores and Star-Embedded Cores in the Spitzer c2d Database Chao-Ling Hung, Shih-Ping Lai
[P-028] Preliminary Results from SMA Observations of the Low-Mass Class I Source IRS 46 Chian-Chou Chen (陳建州); Yi-Jehng Kuan (管一政); Kuo-Song Wang (王國松); Hui-Chun Huang (黃慧春); Wen-Shin Hsu (許文欣); Chian-Ho Lee (李建和)
[P-029] Photometric and Spectroscopic Identification of Binary Candidates in Planetary Nebulae C.-H. Hsia (夏志浩); W.-H. Ip (葉永烜), J.-Z. Li (李金增)
[P-030] Multiple Collimated Outflows in the Young Planetary Nebula NGC 7027 T.I. Hasegawa; Z.-Y. Huang; D.-V. Trung; S. Kwok; S. Muller; A.-R. Lyo; N. Hirano; J. Lim; M. Mariappan
[P-031] The K-Correction of the Type Ia SNe from the Carnegie Supernova Project Ying-Tung Chen, Lifan Wang, and Wing Ip
[P-032] Two Early Gamma-ray Burst Optical Afterglow Detections with TAOS Telescopes --- GRB 071010B and GRB 071112C Kuiyun Huang and TAOS team
[P-033] Optical Observation of the Early Light Curves of Type Ib/c Supernova SN 2008D Chen, Ting-Wan; Urata, Yuji; Huang, Li-jin; Ip, Wing-Huen
[P-034] Searching for Open Clusters in the Milky Way Disk Kuan-Ju Fu & Wen-Ping Chen
[P-035] Survivability of a Star Cluster in a Dispersing Molecular Cloud Chen, Hui-Chen, Ko, Chung-Ming
[P-036] Membership Identification in Star Clusters Using the UCAC Proper Motion Data Chien-Hui, Kao & Wen-Ping, Chen
[P-037] Molecular Superbubbles and Outflows from the Starburst NGC 2146 Tsai, An-Li; Matsushita, Satoki; Nakanishi, Kouichiro; Kohno, Kotaro; Kawabe, Ryohei; Inui, Tatsuya; Matsumoto, Hironori; Tsuru, Takeshi G.; Peck, Alison B.; Tarchi, Andrea
[P-038] Multi-wavelength Studies of Dust Reddened Quasars Yi-Jhen Chen, Chorng-Yuan Hwang; J.B. Hutchings, L. Simard
[P-039] Physical Properties of Molecular Clouds in Active Galaxies Jhen-Kuei Guo, Chorng-Yuan Hwang
[P-040] Mass-to-Light Ratio of Galaxies In MOND S.F. Yen; M.C. Chiu; C.M. Ko
[P-041] Interferometric CO Image of the Nuclear Region of Seyfert 1 Galaxy NGC 1097 Pei-Ying Hsieh, Satoki Matsushita, Jeremy Lim; Kotaro Kohno
[P-042] Source Count Constraint on the Parent Population of SCUBA-selected Galaxies Pan Hsi-an, Chen Lin-wen
[P-043] Magnetic Fields and Turbulences in Clusters of Galaxies Patrick Koch
[P-044] Galaxy Activity in Post-merger Clusters Huang, Mei-Ling, Chen, Lin-Wen
[P-045] Constructing the Temperature Profiles of Clusters of Galaxies with Chandra Yang, Yi-Jung; Kong, Albert
[P-046] Energy Dependent Pulse Arrival Time of the Accretion-powered Millisecond Pulsar XTE J0929-314 P. Cheng (鄭寶玲), Y. Chou (周翊), T. J. Li (李姿蓉), T. C. Yang (楊庭彰), P. Hsu (徐鵬英), W. Y. Chang (張瑋芸), C. J. Chien (簡淨茹), C. H. Wu (吳清雄)
[P-047] Quasi-Periodic Oscillation in SLX 1746-331 P. Hsu (徐鵬英), Y. Chou (周翊), T.C. Yang (楊庭彰), P. Cheng (鄭寶玲), T.J. Li (李姿蓉), C.H. Wu (吳清雄), W.Y. Chang (張瑋芸), C.J. Chien (簡淨茹)
[P-048] The Gemiga Pulsar; Non-thermal Emission Mechanism and Emission Geometry Jumpei Takata, Chun-Che Lin, Hsang-Kuang Chang
[P-049] The Long-term Variability of the X-ray Sources in the Central Region of M82 Chiang, Yi-Kuan; Kong, Albert
[P-050] Energy Dependent Pulse Arrival Time for the Accretion-powered Millisecond Pulsar SAX J1808.4-3658 in its 2002 Outburst Tzu-Jung Li, Yi Chou, Pao-Ling Cheng, Wei-Yun Chang, Ching-Ju Chien, Peng-Ying Hsu, Ching-Hsuiung Wu, Ting-Chang Yang
[P-051] X-ray Sources in the Galactic Globular Cluster NGC 6218 (M12) Lu, Ting-Ni; Kong, Albert
[P-052] Anomalous Orbital Period Change of the Low-Mass X-ray Binary EXO 0748-676 C.-J. Chien (簡淨茹), Y. Chou (周翊), T.-J. Li (李姿蓉), P.-L. Cheng (鄭寶玲), P.-Y. Hsu (徐鵬英), C.-H. Wu (吳清雄), W.-Y. Chang (張瑋芸), T.-C. Yang (楊庭彰)
[P-053] The Black Hole Mass in Seyfert 1 and Narrow Line Seyfert 1 C.-C. Chen (陳正忠), C.-Y. Hwang (黃崇源)
[P-054] Conserved Quantities of a Dynamical Black Hole Yu-Huei Wu 吳育慧
[P-055] Measurement of the Time Delay between Images of a Gravitationally Lensed System Based on Multiband Observational Data Koptelova Ekaterina
[P-056] Lulin Observations of the WEBT/GASP Campaigns 鍾定安, 楊靜, 連芳瑩, 洪莉雯, 李卓翰, 李俊諺, 林宏欽, 施佳佑, 林啟生, 陳文屏