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First Circular
The 2008 Annual Meeting of the Chinese Astronomical Society (Taiwan)
National Hualien University of Education, Hualien
May 30 - June 1 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), 2008

The 2008 Annual Meeting of the Chinese Astronomical Society (Taiwan) will be held at National Hualien University of Education on May 30 - June 1, 2008. Papers in all fields of astronomy and astrophysics are solicited. This is the annual event for astronomers and astrophysicists in Taiwan to report their research results and to exchange their ideas.

The annual meeting will include plenary invited talks, scientific sessions, poster presentation, education and outreach activities, and business meetings. Further details will be announced in future circulars.

This year's plenary talks feature (1) Prof. You-Hua Chu of University of Illinois, and (2) Dr. Susanne Huettemeister of Zeiss Planetarium at Bochum. In particular, some special events are being prepared this year to celebrate the 50th anniversary for the Society. The progress of the preparation of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 will be reported. We will also elect the next term of council. As you can see, there are a lot to do and many friends to meet, not to mention the beautiful scenery and relaxed atmosphere in Hualien.

CAST 2008 web site will be activated in early March. Participants should register, and submit the abstract online at the CAST 2008 web site by April 30 (Wednesday), 2008. A registration fee of NT$500 should be paid on site.

The Program Committee and the Organizing Committee sincerely invite you to participate in all the exciting activities. For further details and more updated information of the Annual Meeting, please visit the society web site at <>.

This meeting is sponsored in part by NSC's Physics Research Promotion Center.

Program Committee
Chen, Alfred B. (NCKU)
Chen, Wen-Ping (NCU) co-chair
Chin, Yi-Nan (TKU)
Chou, Yi (NCU)
King, Sun-Kun (ASIAA) co-chair
Kuan, Yi-Jehng (NTNU)
Liu, Sheng-Yuan (ASIAA)
Organizing Committee
Chang, Hsiang-Kuang (NTHU)
Chang, Kuei-Lan (TAM)
Chang, Yung-Hsin (NCU)
Chen, Nai-Hua (NCU)
Chi, Hsin-Chang (NHLUE) co-chair
Hwang, Chorng-Yuan (NCU) co-chair
Wu, Ching-Jiun (NHLUE)
Yang, Ting-Chang (NCU)